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At our roots we are a supplier of market leading energy effective heating and hot water products and systems to the domestic and commercial heating sector.

With the entire heating industry diverting to renewable energies many issues have arisen. For this reason ES have taken the radical and unique step of assuming accountability.


ES Team

We have been at the forefront of the renewable energy era from the very beginning. With over 70 year’s industry experience to hand in our Cork based offices alone we are the authority within the sector.

In direct contrast to the industry norm, at ES we don’t just simply supply renewable products. We make sure that only the optimal products are supplied and that they are installed in the correct manor.

Whether a project is a retrofit or a new build, domestic or commercial ES have the team to develop the system you require. Our team does not consist solely of sales staff. Our departments consists of system designers, product specifiers, installation engineers, technical advisers, refrigeration engineers, customer support and service departments. All departments are highly qualified and experienced in the theoretical field and practical application of energy efficient systems. Line


From the very outset we consult with our clients to ascertain what they require from the system. Upon consultation we develop the optimum cost effective system to include;

  • system design to suit each project including heat loss calculations ,working schematic’s and optimal installation procedures
  • product specification and supply of the crucial system components
  • skill development and technical support for the installers as required
  • installation supervision as required
  • system commissioning as required
  • all reasonable end user support towards proper system operation and effective energy usage

At ES we take responsibility and stand accountable for all aspects of the systems we provide. Our goals are to;

  • inform our client on the most appropriate solutions for individual requirements of the particular development
  • ensure installers understand exactly what is expected of them and how to install systems using best practices
  • verify that the system is installed in accordance with proper design parameters
  • assist the end users to maximise the comfort and economy from their new system



In summation ES offer an all-encompassing, fully comprehensive service for end users, installers,  developers and contractors alike.Each and every service and product we offer is unrivaled within the market place. Each product provided is chosen for its specific capabilities.

We assume accountability for the system as a whole, provide technical training for installation contractors and if necessary oversee the installation process.Most importantly what we offer is peace of mind in knowing that the best possible suitable system has been installed in the correct manner.In short we convert a problematic and stressful issue into a positive experience.Line