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AAH-Heat Pump


es banner new 1The AAH is an air to air heat pump consisting of an outdoor and indoor unit connected by refrigerant piping. Line


The AAH heat pump has been developed with all the technological advances of our AWH series of air to water heat pumps. The AAH differs in that instead of transferring the energy created to heating water, the energy is passed directly to a single indoor unit.

The indoor unit then acts in a similar process to the FC fan coils and distributes the energy throughout the area in which it is installed. The temperature required is set on the indoor unit using a remote control. The unit will then activate as and when required. The speed of the fan can be manually altered to meet with demand or automatically using the built in thermostat.

The AAH can be used to both heat or cool depending on the requirements of the building.Line


The AAH has a wide variety of applications especially as it can change from heating to cooling at the press of a button. The units are ideal for installation in out buildings, conservatories, offices, portable buildings and so on.