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At ES we are dedicated to supplying state of the art products and systems. Each product is extensively tested in both laboratory and the extreme real life conditions across Scandinavia.

Each product we supply has been designed to offer the end user comfort and economy, while at the same time removing the extensive difficulties being faced by installers with such systems.

Our products are purposely designed to be easily retrofitted into existing systems as well as new systems irrespective of the size of the system.Line

AAH – Heat Pump
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Air source heat pumps simply convert large volumes of low grade external air into high grade heating energy. Our AWH series of heat pumps have been designed to utilise this free external energy to its maximum potential… Read MoreLine

AWT – Heat Pump

Our AWT product range combines all the benefits of our AWH air source heat pumps with the benefit and convenience of a built in 200 litre cylinder. This cylinder acts as both a buffer for the heating system and the source for the domestic hot water (DHW)… Read MoreLine

AAH – Heat Pump

Our AAH system acts in a similar process as our AWH. With the AAH the generated energy is not transferred to water for a traditional heating system. Instead the energy is passed directly to an indoor unit from which the heat is distributed…. Read moreLine

AWD – Hot water

Our AWD system is an all in one exhaust air heat pump. The AWD has been designed to ultilise high grade energy which is normally lost or extracted out of a building envelope to generate an abundance of domestic hot water…. Read moreLine

MFT – Tanks

The MFT has been designed to act as a central hub for any heating and hot water system. The MFT can combine a multitude of heat generating products such as heat pump, standard boiler, pellet boiler, solid fuel stove and even solar… Read MoreLine

AL – Alu Rads
SQ Rads

High temperature systems generally result in high running costs. Wither your system is heated by a standard boiler or energy efficient products the use of highly efficient die cast aluminium radiators will drastically improve your systems efficiency… Read MoreLine

 FC – Fan Coilsflaktkonvektor_golvmodell_FCF_14_1

Fan coils are another way for effectively transferring heat. They act as in a similar manor as the AL radiators except that heat transfer is greatly increased by the use of a fan. They can be used to increase the heat distribution in an area without increasing the space required… Read More Line