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Living-Room-Design-Ideas-08-1-Kindesign 2Over the last number of years there has been exponential growth in the retrofitting of renewable energy systems into existing homes.

While these systems look great on paper, many fail to achieve the real life effectiveness which the sales brochure promotes. At ES we are upfront and honest with the differing types of retrofit heating and hot water systems we supply.

When retrofitting an existing system it is paramount to identify the most suitable, cost effective solution for that particular system. Line

Domestic Hot Water

The renewable domestic hot water retrofit industry is booming. However a large proportion of the products being installed are not only weather dependent but require back up. This fact is rarely mentioned mentioned in the sales brochure. At ES we believe that a renewable solution should be just that, a solution and not an add on to the existing system.

The Hemera AWD system is an all in one domestic hot water solution, which does not require any for of back up from the existing heating system. The unit uses heat pump technology to generate an abundance of domestic hot water from air which is normally extracted or lost from the building envelope.

The unit is easily retrofitted into existing systems by simply replacing the existing cylinder, running two ducts and connecting the Hemera AWD up to the existing pipework.

This unit is more than capable of satisfying the majority of family homes. Not only does this unit drastically reduce the costs of generating domestic hot water, it greatly increases the comfort and convenience available to those living in the dwelling.

The Hemera AWD holds a constant volume of 300 litres of hot water irrespective of the time of day and external weather conditions. The Hemera AWD is the optimum solution for those with a high domestic hot water demand.

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Heating System

When it comes to retrofitting an existing heating system, there are two main strategies which produce the best effect.Line


A supplementary system is a quick and effective way of introducing renewable energy into an existing system.

A supplementary system simply introduces a heat pump and additional system control to the heating system. This can be done in a number of different configurations depending on the existing system setup. With this type of system all existing components remain unchanged. The benefits of such systems are;

  • low installation costs
  • short installation time (usually a single day)
  • minimum disruption to the household
  • increased comfort
  • immediate savings

A supplementary system will not provide all the heat required for your home. It is designed to provide 50% of the heat load required by the dwelling when external temperatures reach – 12’C. By sizing in this way the heat pump should produce in excess of 78% of the total heating required by the dwelling. Once the system is sized correctly savings of over 60% should be achieved with added comfort within the home.

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Full Retrofit

With a full retrofit almost all main components of a system are replaced. This includes, radiators, tanks, control and boilers with a heat pump being installed as the main source of heating and/or hot water for the home. Again the full array of components are finalised upon the specific requirements of the end user and the configuration of the existing system.

With this type of system, depending on insulation factors it is possible to disconnect the existing boiler. The main reason for this is that by changing the radiators to the AL radiators the system is now capable of producing sufficient heat at the lower temperatures offered by a heat pump. While the initial investment required for this type of system is greater than that of the supplementary, it comes with a number of additional benefits;

  • an entire new system has been installed with full guarantees
  • comfort levels within the home are greatly increased
  • future proofed you home against fossil fuel inflation
  • bettered your homes BER rating
  • maximum savings can be achieved

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