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New Build

Renewa3d-and-Plansble heating systems are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. This growing trend has resulted from a necessary shift within the heating industry. The industry as a whole has realised the energy wastage and excessive running costs of conventional systems are no longer an option. The industry now requires greener energy effective solutions.

Consumers are no longer happy to put up with the old status quo boiler, radiator and cylinder systems. They are now seeking cost effective systems to provide them with comfort, convenience and value for money

Couple these factors with the implementation of the unyielding Part L of the building regulations and the entire landscape of the heating industry has changed.

There is a wide variety of high efficiency and renewable energy products on the market. These include, heat recovery ventilation systems (HRV), geothermal heat pumps, air source heat pumps, solid fuel stoves, condensing boilers, the choices are endless.

This trend and the availability of such an array of products have highlighted a number of issues within the industry.

Our experience has shown that there is a serious lack of heating systems and product knowledge throughout the entire industry. This problem is compounded with deficient and inaccurate advice being provided through the standard supply chains.Line


The emergence of energy efficient products and enforcement of regulations is of course a major step in the right direction. However critical issues still remain unaddressed.

Energy effectiveness has created a mini boom within the industry. Overnight there has been an emergence of self-professed renewable energy experts who most often lack the theoretical and practical experience required as well as in-depth product knowledge to satisfy the now discerning customers.

The challenge is now set

  • Building suppliers and unqualified sales staff are no longer an option for system advice or specification
  • Heating engineers and architects must design systems to achieve the consumers requirements and not just focus on achieving regulations
  • Selected system components must be fit for purpose and perform to real life conditions
  • Installation contractors must educate themselves on the available technologies and installation processes
  • The system designer must assume full accountability for the heating systems they specify and the effectiveness of these systems

All of these factors understandably caused serious concern for those building new homes.Line

Your New Home

Part L of the building regulations states that all new dwellings must incorporate renewable energies in respect to heating and domestic hot water systems.

It requires extensive understanding, experience and product knowledge to ensure the correct application of such technologies

So how can you choose the correct system for you?

  • when poor system design is no longer acceptable under the regulations
  • there is a clear absence of specialized knowledge in the application of these new technologies
  • when substandard system components will yield high running costs
  • when each provider is pushing their particular heating commodity without offering a coherent system solution
  • when there does not exist an authority to rely upon for solutions

Until now there did not exist a single entity providing a fully comprehensive solution. ES now offer design assistance, technical installation guidance, end-user support and much more.

We eliminate all issues currently affecting those building new homesLine

ES Solution

We have been at the forefront of the renewable energy era from the very beginning. With over 70 year’s industry experience to hand in our Cork based offices alone we are the authority within the sector.

Upon consultation with the home owner we design the optimum cost effective system, including;

  • system commissioning as required
  • installation supervision as required
  • skill development and technical support for the installers as required
  • product specification and supply of the crucial system components
  • system design to suit the individual house, including heat loss calculations ,working schematic’s and optimal installation procedures
  • all reasonable end user support towards proper system operation and effective energy usage

At ES we take responsibility and stand accountable for all aspects of the systems we provide. Our goals are to;

  • inform the home owner on the most appropriate solutions for individual requirements of the particular dwelling
  • ensure installers understand exactly what is expected of them and how to install systems using best practices
  • verify that the system is installed in accordance with proper design parameters
  • assist the home owner to maximise their comfort and economy in their new dwelling
  • uphold the quality and value being offered by the ES brand



In summation ES offer an all-encompassing, fully comprehensive service for the home owner. Each and every service and product we offer is unrivalled within the market place. Each product provided is chosen for its specific capabilities.

We assume accountability for the system as a whole, provide technical training for installation contractors and if necessary oversee the installation process.Line