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Large Domestic WidgetThe domestic heating and hot water industry has undergone major changes in recent years.

New build home owners must now achieve Part L of the building regulation and the retrofit market is no longer content to simply patch up existing inefficient systems.

Energy efficient systems are now quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.Line

Living-Room-Design-Ideas-08-1-Kindesign 2Retrofit

Over the last number of years there has been exponential growth in the retrofitting of renewable energy systems into existing homes. While these systems look great on paper, many fail to achieve the real life effectiveness which the sales brochure promotes. At ES we are upfront and honest with the differing types of retrofit heating and hot water systems we supply.

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3d-and-PlansNew Build

The new build arena is somewhat of a minefield. While Part L of the building regulations must be achieved, they should not be sole focus of the system design. New build systems often become a miss match of differing components with no coherent solution in mind. While these types of systems will usually satisfy regulations the real life experience of such systems can be less than desirable.

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