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Commercial fin croppedThe ES team have gained invaluable experience in the commercial arena over the past number of years.

Previous projects which our team have been involved in include, bars, restaurants, hair salons, right the way through to office buildings, hospitals and hotels.

With the variety of commercial application it is impossible to cover all aspects. Below are some sample solutions.


Bespoke Solutions

A total retrofit of an entire commercial heating is often not a possibility especially in larger premises. At ES our team specialise in manipulating existing system to maximise its potential, reduce operating costs and increase versatility.

This is often done by introducing heat pumps, control systems and so on. With many commercial premises each and every project poses its own set of issues and solutions.

In certain commercial projects it is often possible to harness certain energies which are being wasted and transform these into a useful form of energy. Again these solutions are carried out on a case by case basis.Line

Pod Solution

Other solutions for commercial projects include the building of a Pod boiler room. With this kind of system the new boiler room is built and tested in a container off site. This Pod is then situated on site and connected to the existing pipe work and the old system is decommissioned. The components of each pod will differ from project to project. The Pod system is ideal for projects of any size and minimises the downtime of the system.Line

Standard Commercial Solutions

It is thought by many that renewable technologies are excessively difficult to implement into commercial premises. However with the correct products and application nothing could be further from the truth. From the smallest of offices to the biggest of hotels, ES can develop a solution to your needs.Line

Hot Water

Depending upon the requirements of the project ES have 2 main solutions for hot water production.

Our Hemera AWD unit is ideal for producing small to medium volumes of water on a daily basis by utilising energy which is normally lost. Applications for this unit include bars, restaurants, medium sized salons and so on. View Product

For systems which require larger volumes of hot water our AWH heat pumps coupled with a 300 or 500 litre MFT  or linked into the existing cylinder(s) is an extremely beneficial method of reducing the running costs of a conventional system.Line


Again depending on the specific requirements of the project, each and every one of our products can be utilised to dramatically reduce the running costs of any heating system.

The simple fact is that with the correct products and experience an inefficient, energy wasting system can easily and cost effectively be manipulated into an energy saving arrangement.Line