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About ES


ES is one of the largest, fastest growing energy efficient product providers in Europe. With our headquarters in Alingsas Sweden and regional offices in Norway, Finland and Ireland. Our product range is being sold in over 15 countries through more than 120 independent retailers.

The ES brand represents market leading innovation, technology, efficiency and possibly most importantly reliability.Line




We first established a presence in the Irish market in 2009. Since then we have experienced exponential growth of the ES brand within the sector. This growth is representative of our continuous development across Europe and can be contributed to a number of factors.

  • Market leading efficiencyworld map fixed (1)

  • Exceptional quality

  • Unparalleled reliability

  • Unrivaled technical support

  • Attention to detail

  • In-house installer training

Our range has been developed, tested and proven in the harshest of climates across Scandinavia. We have led the market in the development of split DC inverter unit technology and can now boast market leading efficiencies of over 500%.Line

Our Policy

The ES policy is not just to sell our products. We strive to design a system irrespective of its size and complexity to meet the goals and requirements of the end user. At ES we have designated design, engineering and technical departments whose sole purpose is to develop a system which meets the real life requirements of our customer. Whether our customer is a home owner,  installer, developer or an industrial/commercial organisation we will only design a system which is fit for purpose and can be installed in a cost effective manor.

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